The Undeserving Poor

Some things never change. The rich have always claimed that their good fortune is a recognition of and reward for their superior virtue – with the inevitable corollary that the poor have no one to blame but themselves. The myth of the undeserving poor has a long and discreditable history. It has underpinned social policy […]

Will We Ever Learn?

Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis The G20 meeting in Toronto in June was remarkable in only one respect. The familiar protests, the police in the streets, the hob-nobbing of the leaders were all on show. But, what was extraordinary, if not unexpected, was the speed with which most of the world’s most powerful leaders […]

Wealthy Individuals Do Not Hold the Key to a Stronger Economy

As the smoke clears, and the mirrors are packed away for another year, we can now make a more considered judgment of the 2010 budget. It should straightaway be acknowledged that the budget was a well-balanced and intelligent exercise, with something in it apparently for everyone. There may be a raised eyebrow as to why […]

Filthy Rich

If the “filthy rich” are no longer rich, how are we now to describe them? The question is not a new one; the role of those who gouge wealth out of the rest of us by manipulating existing assets has long been an issue of controversy. It was Winston Churchill who, as Chancellor of the […]