What More Can Labour Do?

The recent poll showing that Labour is losing rather than gaining ground will have been very disappointing to the Labour leadership – particularly because their improved performance across the board might have been expected to produce a lift in popular support. The Labour party seems, after all, to have put behind it most of the […]

We Failed the Brexit Test

It might have been thought that the decision made by the British people in the recent referendum that they wished to leave the EU would have drawn a line under that issue, and that we would now be addressing the many new challenges and opportunities that are now before us.  But, such is the arrogance […]

How Was the Fortune Made?

As we read yet again of the huge gains by property speculators, are we not obliged to ask a serious question?  Are they – or even more pertinently, are we – happy to live in a society where fortunes are made in the course of a single day from dealing in property while hundreds of […]

Are the All Blacks Special?

In sport, as in the rest of life, success is not always accompanied by applause and approbation.  It can often attract resentment, envy and criticism. Rugby is no exception.  The unparalleled success enjoyed by the All Blacks over such a long period is most often greeted by sports fans around the world with praise, enjoyment […]

Profits, Dividends or Customers?

The Herald made a valiant attempt to explain last Friday how Air New Zealand had managed to produce a record $663 million profit.  They quoted the Chief Executive, Christopher Luxon, as attributing the result to the tourist boom, the fall in fuel costs, improved cost control in general and the efforts of a dedicated staff […]

Is There Something Wrong With Aussie Sport?

Is There Something Wrong with Aussie Sport? The news that Australian Olympians returning from Rio have been given a hard time by the Australian media and public for the alleged paucity of their medal haul will, sadly, have come as little surprise to Kiwi sports fans.  It is further evidence that there may be something […]

What Happened in the End?

Politicians and political journalists enjoy (if that is the right word) a symbiotic relationship.  A state of respectful and mutual dependence is not always easy to maintain – as I should know, since I have been both. Journalists depend on politicians to make the news – or at least part of it.  The politicians are […]

Not So Much Fun Now

The American Presidential election has been dominated over recent days by speculation about the mental fitness of the two main candidates.  First, Donald Trump has picked up on a stray remark by Hillary Clinton that she had “short-circuited” a process over her e-mails when she was Secretary of State so as to suggest that “she […]

Whose Interests Count?

The imprisonment of hundreds of New Zealanders in notoriously unpleasant and dangerous detention centres by the Australian authorities, and their eventual deportation back to New Zealand, is hardly what we should expect of our Anzac brothers in arms.  Yes, these are convicted criminals who have served jail sentences; but they have done their time and […]

Putting Labour Together Again

The challenge manufactured by the Parliamentary Labour Party to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership seems destined to prove an exercise in futility and impotence.  Nothing more clearly demonstrates, in both its motivation and impracticality, the gulf that has been allowed – and in some cases encouraged – to develop between Labour MPs and the party in the […]