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Bryan Gould was a New Zealand Rhodes Scholar who pursued a career in the UK as a diplomat, Oxford law don, television journalist and politician. He was a member of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet and contested the Labour Party leadership in 1992. He returned to New Zealand to become Vice-Chancellor of Waikato University in 1994. He has written a number of books on politics and economic policy. Read more…

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    We – and by “we” I mean all of us – have been awfully slow to learn some important lessons. 
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Let’s Have A Fairer Wage Bargain

Cheerleaders for the “free” market always insist that the market is infallible and always gets it “right”, and so should
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At Last – A Republican Who Tells It Like It Is

As President Trump stumbles from one bungle to the next, particularly in the field of diplomacy, the mystery is that
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Big Rocket Man?

As with any informed discussion, facts are important in the political debate.  But, all too often, the facts are submerged
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What Was He Doing?

Simon Bridges’ explanation that his hitting of the “like” button on Cameron Slater’s Twitter post ridiculing the Prime Minister’s partner,
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Latest Book: “Call to Action”

I am delighted to report that a new book, co-authored by my long-time colleague, John Mills, and myself was published in London last week by W H Allen.  The book is called “Call To Action” and comprises a powerful argument for addressing the major problems that have now held back the British economy for decades.  Those problems include a damaging loss of competitiveness, a policy blind spot on the importance of the exchange rate, a perennial and debilitating foreign payments deficit, the perilous decline of manufacturing, and the futile focus on the government deficit as the prime goal of policy.  The book provides a carefully researched case for taking action now before it is too late and could offer the way to better outcomes following the May election.

Call to Action by John Mills and Bryan Gould

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This book is also available as an ebook.