Another 1945?

Steve Richards (The Guardian, 28 July) is right to say (and Ed Miliband obviously agrees with him) that next year’s election will not, and should not, be decided by personality politics. So what is it that will determine the voters’ preferences? It would be nice to think, as Richards argues, that the election will be […]

Yes, There Is An Alternative

Phil Verry was a patriot, a leading businessman and head of New Zealand’s largest sawmilling firm. He was also an innovative thinker. I was privileged to become his friend and colleague, and to help him develop an ingenious refutation of the assertion constantly made by those with closed minds that “there is no alternative” to […]

Who Owns the Future?

There is no novelty is arguing, as George Osborne does, that there is no alternative to his destructive and divisive policies of austerity – TINA was, after all, the Thatcherite catch-cry and as misleading in her day as it is today. But it is surely stretching credulity too far to suggest, as John Harris does […]

Aiming at the Wrong Target

Labour will be “tougher than the Tories” when it comes to forcing long-term beneficiaries back into the labour market; so Labour’s new shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Rachel Reeves, was reported as saying last week. The comment, which was presumably made deliberately to secure the headline, seems to be a mistake on a number of […]

The Labour Leadership

It may truly be said of David Shearer that nothing so much became him as the manner of his going. He is living proof that, in today’s politics, being a decent and thoughtful person is not enough. Parliamentary politics and modern communications both place a huge premium on fluency and articulacy. Quite why those qualities […]

An Economic Policy for Labour

It was significant that, in the seven issues that Tony Blair – in his article last week in the New Statesman – advised Ed Miliband to focus on, there was no mention of the state of the economy. It is true that Tony never had much interest in or knowledge of economic policy – a […]

Labour Bounces Back

Eight months after the general election defeat, Labour is in surprisingly good shape – and, paradoxically it may seem, that perception is strengthened rather than reversed by the Shadow Cabinet reshuffle forced by Alan Johnson’s resignation. The improvement in Labour’s fortunes is not just a matter of the encouraging bounce back in the polls or […]

Seeking The Middle Ground

Labour has made its choice. The question now is, will that choice be shared and endorsed by the wider electorate? Ed Miliband must now not only re-energise a party that has been sapped of confidence and enthusiasm, but at the same time reach out to a range of voters who will vote Labour only when […]

The Labour Leadership

After thirteen years in government, it is not perhaps surprising that Labour’s response to election defeat has been somewhat uncertain. Almost all of those who now seek to lead the party have spent most of their political lives persuading both themselves and the electorate of the great virtues of New Labour. Their forward political horizons […]

Labour-Saving Devices

Bryan Gould was a contributor to a BBC Radio programme about the current situation of the Labour Party. The programme was broadcast on 7 September. Below is a link to the programme.