What the Meltdown Tells Us About Markets

The economic fallout from the global crisis has been immediate, extensive and severe. It has been felt in the shock delivered to our financial institutions, in the balance sheets of our major corporations, in growth rates around the world. More damagingly still, it will take its toll far from the City of London or Wall […]

Lessons from the Crisis

As the global crisis unfolds, the great gurus of the world economy – those who have presided over its fortunes for much of the last two or three decades – have largely ducked for cover. Some – like Alan Greenspan – have had the courage to admit that there was a “flaw” in his thinking. […]

Shifting Foundations

As the global financial crisis unfolds, each country responds by seeking to protect its own institutions and economies. New Zealand is no exception. The steps we have taken have been sensible and – so far – effective in shoring up our economy as well as we can against the immediate prospects of worldwide recession and […]

Yes, There Is An Alternative

The horror stories keep coming but even so it is doubtful whether we have yet grasped the scale and seriousness of what is happening in the global economy. And, as we stand transfixed by the need to surmount the current crisis, few will lift their eyes to the longer-term implications of what is sure to […]

Another Alternative

Successful managers act when it becomes evident that change is needed – and that is just as true of managers of the economy as it is of those who manage individual businesses. The evidence is now mounting that the creation of a single global economy has produced results, for both the global and national economies, […]

The Globalisation Bell Tolls for us All

The decision taken in New York to close the Colgate Palmolive factory in Petone and supply the New Zealand market from production in Australia and elsewhere is the latest demonstration of just how far this country has lost control of its own economic destiny. Successful New Zealand companies – Trade Me, 42 Below, Ihug – […]

The Democracy Sham

In The Democracy Sham: How Globalisation Devalues Your Vote, Bryan Gould considers the impact of the global economy on the democratic process in a number of countries, including New Zealand and Britain. He shows that international capital is, by virtue of its freedom to move at will across national boundaries, now able to dictate to […]