Ending The Euro Crisis

The Spanish bailout last week was initially greeted as evidence of the determination to protect the euro and as a step towards much-needed European economic stability. Yet, as subsequent events have quickly shown, what really happened was merely a further staging post in a slow-motion and ultimately inevitable disintegration of the eurozone as we currently […]

Europe’s Disaster

New Zealand observers of the long drawn-out death throes of the euro-zone might be excused for finding it hard to understand what is going on. They will have lost count of the number of times that Europe’s leaders have proclaimed that they have yet again found a permanent solution to the euro-zone’s ills. The difficulty […]

After Forty Years, Why Not Debate Europe?

In 1964, I joined the Foreign Office and was assigned to Western Organisations and Co-ordination Department, the department responsible for our relations with Europe. Eighteen months later, I was sent to Brussels on my first overseas posting. I was briefly involved in the arrangements for the Brown/Wilson tour of European capitals – an effort to […]

The Wilful Obstinacy of Europe’s Leaders

The first duty of political leaders is to deal with the world as it is and not how they want it to be. Yet too many of our global leaders insist that the world should accommodate to them and not the other way round. Nowhere is this more true than in today’s Europe. Not only […]

No Gifts for the Greeks

Europe’s politicians and bankers have no one to blame but themselves for Greece’s current agony, but they insist that the price of their foolishness should be paid – not by any sacrifice on their own part – but instead by ordinary Greeks. The euro-zone was always a disaster waiting to happen.  Yet, even now that […]