Second and Final Term?

As a former politician, I have often lamented the journalistic tendency to treat politics as a matter of personalities rather than policies. But there are times when political personalities – and their interaction – can provide an insight into what is really happening. Just four months into his second term, it is already apparent that […]

Will He, Won’t He?

While much of the country is focused on the Rugby World Cup, there is at least one group of people with a quite different contest at the top of their minds. With less than six weeks till the general election, the campaign managers for the major parties will be scanning the horizon for opportunities to […]

Is The Mad Butcher Mad?

The love-in between the Mad Butcher and the Prime Minister, dutifully reported in every detail by complaisant media, is perhaps best described as reciprocal back-scratching – a term that is at least more polite than alternative anatomical allusions that might come to mind. But while Sir Peter Leitch might have every reason, in view of […]

On Being Prime Minister

Very few of us get within touching distance of becoming Prime Minister. For those who do get to the top of the greasy pole, though, it must be a heady experience. Suddenly – overnight – you are feted wherever you go. People hang on your every word. Former rivals become your acolytes, dependent on you […]

Open Letter to Our New Prime Minister

Dear John, As you form your new government, there will be many who, for the sake of the country, will wish you well and who will hope that you have the wit and will to overcome the economic crisis that now afflicts us. This may be the moment to put to one side your experience […]

Was Gordon Brown’s Reputation Justified?

Like so many others, I looked forward to Gordon Brown’s accession to Number Ten. Here, I thought, was the chance of breaking with the spin and superficiality of the Blair years. With Gordon, we would surely hear the authentic voice of Labour and welcome the end, even if it was not publicly acknowledged, of the […]

What Should Gordon Brown Do Now?

What Should Gordon Brown Do Now? Bryan Gould Writes The PM’s Next Speech “The local election results and the opinion polls convey a pointed message _ that my government and I have for the time being lost the confidence of our supporters. We cannot deny the reality that the next election may be a step […]

A Brown Study

The following article by Bryan Gould appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on 21 September The first two months must have been very heaven. The long-awaited prize had been grasped. Opposition from both within and without had faded away. A long period at Number Ten seemed assured. The voters seemed to like the new leader. They […]