“Free Trade” for Big Corporations, Not For Us

The leaked document from the negotiations over the Trans Pacific Partnership, reported in the Herald last week, shows that the fears expressed in many quarters as to the outcome of those negotiations are more than justified. We are constantly assured that the great advantages of extending free trade, particularly with the Americans, will more than […]

Can We Trust John Key to Fight Our Corner?

Ask yourself a simple question. If John Key had come to power before our non-nuclear policy had been decided, would he have initiated it on his own account? Or would keeping in with the Americans have been his first priority? The question is worth asking because New Zealand Prime Ministers are constantly faced with striking […]

Free Trade or Self-government?

In the final weeks of the election campaign, the question of whether or not to sell some of our key assets remains, for many voters, a defining issue. Yet, while that question is hotly debated, a related issue of equal if not greater importance is sliding by under the radar. That asset sales should raise […]

Free Trade and Blind Faith

What’s not to like about free trade? Trade is obviously a good thing, and free trade must surely be better than the alternative? So convinced are New Zealanders of its merits that the “free trade” label need only be attached to this week’s talks about a Trans Pacific Partnership to persuade us that a successful […]